Mini Detail Package - $175.00 
Hand wash and dry vehicle exterior, wheels and tires with the finest automotive detergent 
Blow dry to force water out of cracks and crevices and wipe down with microfiber towels 
Apply Wheel Brite for excessive brake dust 
Apply Tire Shine to dress the tires 
Vacuum all carpet including under mats, seats and crevices 
Wipe down the interior panels, dash and console 
Clean all mirrors and glass surfaces, interior and exterior, to perfection 
Remove all tar, grease, bugs and grime from entire car 
Hand apply a coat of professional sealant to preserve and protect 
Dress and protect all exterior trim 
Clean all cup holders, storage space, center console and trunk 
Fragrance available, if preferred 
One step machine polish to remove minor scratches for a swirl free shine 
Shampoo all carpets and upholstery and clean and condition interior leather or vinyl 

Complete Reconditioning Detail Complete Detail - $295.00 
All services in Minor Detail, plus... 
Multi-step machine polishing process designed specifically for your vehicle to achieve a swirl free showroom-new shine 
Deep clean door panels, dash, headliner, steering wheel, console, etc. 
Degrease and condition the engine compartment 

Extra Services
Shampoo Mats $12.00 
Spot Buffing (per panel) $50.00 
Windshield Repellent $20.00 
Engine Cleaning $35.00 
Pet Hair Removal $75.00 
Excessive Bug and Tar $25.00 
Smoke Eliminator $50.00 
Headlight Reconditioning $50.00 

Wet Sand & Buff $100.00 Per Panel *NEW* 

Please contact us to schedule a detailing quote. If you have any questions, we would love to hear from you. 

For accurate pricing please have vehicle inspected prior to appointment. *Prices are subject to change without notice.