Dodge Journey: Putting Safety First

When shopping for a midsize SUV, what are the features to consider? Power and performance? Technology? What about safety? If you want a vehicle with safety features that help give you peace of mind on the road, check out the popular Dodge Journey.

i.g. Burton Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram Fiat understands that even when you're driving around Milford carefully, outside factors can put you at risk. Think about driving on wet, slippery or icy roads during winter or after a rainfall? Dodge Journey helps you navigate these hazardous conditions with Electronic Stability Control. This safety feature monitors your steering input and your vehicle's motion to give you more directional control.

Dodge Journey also features Electronic Roll Mitigation. Combined with stability control, your SUV automatically senses if you lose control of the vehicle. It applies brakes automatically and reduces engine power to keep the wheels grounded and prevent a possible vehicle rollover.



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